Ricardo Culverwell

Ricardo Culverwell

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First Name * Ricardo
Last Name * Culverwell
Username * RicardoLC
Country * South Africa
City johannesburg
Nationality South african
Languages English


Current Position Animator
Current Company DSPM
Areas of Expertise Generalist
Preferred Tools 3ds maxMudboxRealflowAfter Effects


Availability: Full time


I have had a deep interest in 3D animation ever since i can remember. unfortunatley i couldn't decide weather this was something i just saw as a hobby or something i'd love to do as a full time career and so decided not to study. After a year of work in another industry i decided i should explore my interest while i am still young and i never look back, i have been interning for a period of four months currently and i started out using lightwave and have began learning 3ds max over the past four months.